Welcome to our iWorld!

Welcome to our official blog for The Legacy Series: Innovations & Technology. During the course of this year, and beyond, we will be sharing news, perspectives, insights and reports from the field concerning the technologies, industries and people that are shaping the future world in a way that reflects the vision and innovation of Apple’s co-founder, Steve Jobs.

We’ll start off with a three-part series of blogs on the changes Apple is influencing in the education process, written by high school teacher and soon-to-be high school principal Kamran Tristan Matlock. Kamran, an exceptional young educator (and long-time Mac user) has seen the best and worst, as a public high school teacher in affluent, urban and impoverished districts.  Now, he prepares to launch into a senior teaching position and administration of a private high school that espouses whole-person development, individualized learning, inner character building, and the bringing together of deep insight and useful knowledge — all part and parcel of Jobs’ vision.


The fact that Kamran’s approach comes from a system, Education for Life, that was started 40 years ago by J. Donald Walters and Michael “Nitai” Deranja, adds to both the depth and importance of this undertaking.  In his blogs, which will debut later in March, Kamran will spell out the points of breakdown in the current educational system, and ways in which education can move forward to again make America’s youth the best and brightest in the world — and the most perceptive.

The timing of these special reports on education couldn’t be better. In February, two pieces of news came out that, combined, offer a roadmap to one of Jobs’ visions that is quickly becoming part of Apple’s marketing plan: the company reached $500 billion in market capitalization, a feat matched by only six other companies in U.S. history. Second, it was announced in late February that Apple would eclipse the 100 million mark in total iPad sales. With Apple holding approximately $100 billion in cash, talk throughout the recent MacWorld/iWorld Expo focused on combining iPads with education, and the recent release of iBook Author making the development of interactive textbooks far easier, you can bet there will be a strong push for schools, colleges and universities to focus future learning programs on the iPad.

Enjoy our blogs, and comment on them when you can. If you’d like to submit a guest blog, we’d love to hear your take and voice! Email to bob@legacyseriesmagazine.com.